June 30, 2022

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Cardi B shares cute picture of her son with very expensive ‘toy’

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The rap diva is on holiday: Her youngest child, Wave, is nine months old.

Yesterday, 29-year-old Cardi B shared a funny photo of her son with her social media audience. In the photo, the child enthusiastically played with the large diamond necklace, and attentive customers noticed a tiny diamond earring in Wave’s ear.

A series of photos of baby Cardi was accompanied by a cute caption: “My baby is growing up so fast!” Impressed by the touching frame, fans started congratulating the celebrity in the comments.

Along with a series of captivating photos, Cardi B wrote, “Happy nine months!!” “My baby is growing on me too fast,” he said. In a selection of photos, Wave can be seen in the first two shots in a blue outfit with a chain around his neck, while in the next picture the little boy poses with a happy smile.

A follow-up snap shows the baby lying down and sucking on a finger, while the last picture shows a post-bath wave.

According to insiders, the parents gave their son expensive jewelry earlier this year. The massive necklace with a diamond chain and a pendant with the name Wave on it is the creation of Elliot Alliant, who previously made several jewelry pieces for the rapper’s daughter, four-year-old Kulture Kiari.

However, Offset revealed his son’s name in the caption ‘Wave set safe’. The Grammy Award winner said at the time that Offset had come up with a name. “I was sold when Seth suggested Wave! That should have been his name!” A daughter also shares Kulture Kiari with Cardi of the set. The Magus member is also the father of Jordan, Cody, and daughter Kalia from previous relationships.

Cardi B has been married to rapper Offset since 2017. The celebrity couple has two children.

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