July 3, 2022

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Caitlyn Jenner Explains Why Kim Kardashian Left Kanye West?

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We don’t need rappers anymore”: Caitlyn Jenner Told why Kim Kardashian left Kanye West
“We don’t need rappers anymore, we only need comedians,” Caitlyn Jenner commented on Kim’s breakup.

kardashian and Kanye West With such an original statement. Ex-husband Kris Jenner, who went through a change operation, recently visited The Pivot Podcast, in which he revealed the secret of his stepdaughter and world-renowned rap artist’s separation. “It was very difficult to be with them,” admitted Caitlin, who decided to refute the illusion of a perfect romance between Kanye and Kim. Jenner said she has no personal animosity towards Yeo: When she decided to undergo a sex-change operation in 2015, Kanye was one of the first to support her. But Caitlin admitted that even then, she considered him a “very complicated guy.”

How does Caitlyn Jenner feel about Kim’s new boyfriend Pete Davidson? Caitlin believes the reality star is happy being around her boyfriend: “There’s a comedian in our family, and now everyone loves him.” Caitlyn hopes that Kim will no longer have to go through a painful breakup as she worries about her emotional well-being. Especially since Pete has been making an extremely positive impression so far: Kim recently brought the Davidsons to the family home in Miami, where she literally charmed everyone during dinner.

By the way, it is still unknown how Kim herself will react to such statements by Caitlyn because not all family members are happy that she tells too much when talking with interviewers. Difficult relations with close relatives also affected the fact that Jenner was not even invited to the wedding of her stepdaughter Kourtney Kardashian and her beloved musician Travis Barker. The reason given was that Kourtney was expecting a small private ceremony, so she feared Caitlyn’s presence would draw too much attention.

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