July 3, 2022

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Black Clover Sets Up Next Major Devil Threat

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Adrammelech is out to fight

We have new details about Yuki Tabata’s Black Clover, and things are heating up. The series eventually wrapped up the Spade Kingdom Red Ark. Asta, Yami, and the others are more powerful than ever and in chapter 330 manage to defeat Lucifero, the supreme devil. But since we’re familiar with the story, we know the fight never really ended. Let’s find out what else is hidden.

a new evil in black clover

black clover

Lucifero is undoubtedly powerful, but the fight against him left many unresolved questions in Black Clover. One of them would be why the supreme devil would fight without any help. Or why the mysterious devil didn’t bother to engage in a fight with Lucifero and just watch from the side.

The devil in question here is Adrammelek. We first get to see him when Lucifero activated the Advent of Clifoth ritual, and emerged into the human realm. Fast forward, and we see that Lucifero has been beaten. This was what Adrammelek was waiting for, as he prepared to take his next step. We saw that he was not at all impressed by Lucifero’s immense power. It is also clear that Lucifero did not care that he was beaten, because he knows that there are more powerful devils than him who can defeat the heroes.

Another Interval for Black Clover

black clover

Fans had to wait for months to see the fight between Hero and Lucifero. After it is over, everyone is eagerly waiting to see what is going to happen next. But then the bang happened – another hiatus. Information comes from WSJ_Manga and other sources claiming that author Yuki Tabata is taking an extended break. But we don’t have anything concrete yet, and we’ll wait for Shonen Jump to confirm the news.

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