July 3, 2022

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Amber Heard talks with Johnny Depp about harassment and threats due to trial

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Amber Heard Said that she was harassed and humiliated because of the trial Johnny Depp , Actress and model Amber Heard spoke with her ex-husband Johnny Depp about the threats and threats she faced as a result of the lawsuit. The Wrap reports it.
The artist said that she was constantly harassed and humiliated. “People want to kill me and tell me about it every day,” she said.

According to Hurd, her child was threatened with being put in the microwave oven, and Depp promised that if she left, he would remind her “every day of her life.” “It may be easy to forget, but I’m human. And although Johnny said I deserve it, I don’t deserve it,” concluded the actress.
In court, Heard said that Depp betrayed her and used physical and psychological violence. Her sister Whitney Henriquez recalled that there were always fights between the stars when the actor was drinking or using drugs.
First of all, Amber was Amber: she was loud, funny, funny, very funny, very happy, bright, funny and loving. Changes took a long time. It was like watching a slow-motion shot.

According to Enriquez, the stars were initially “incredibly in love,” but a fight broke out between them whenever Depp took drugs. The woman claims that the artist beat her and his wife. She says that Amber Heard has changed a lot because of her husband’s control.
Furthermore, Heard’s sister revealed that she spent the night at the couple’s penthouse in 2015. They had another fight, during which Depp first hit his nurse and threw a can of energy at her and then hit Enriquez in the back. He later began pulling Heard by the hair and slashed his wife and his sister in the face, calling him prostitutes. Enriquez claims that after the incident, Depp left a non-disclosure agreement on his desk, which he did not sign.

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