July 3, 2022

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Amber Heard could get a prison sentence for falsifying evidence in court against Johnny Depp

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The whole world is waiting for the verdict of the jury members in the case of Johnny and Amber. Already on Tuesday, May 31, we will find out which ex-spouses won this long battle. Meanwhile, with no verdict yet, new opinions on the process have appeared on the web.

Recall that Depp is seeking compensation of $50 million (about 4 billion rubles) from Heard for false allegations of domestic violence. The court has already handed over all the material of the case to the jury, and if they decide in favor of the actor, the actress could face a real term.

Experts believe that Amber can be held liable for the falsification of evidence, in particular, if she forged the marks of the beating. “I think as the trial progressed, we saw more and more objective evidence that Heard was lying under oath. And if so, she may be fabricating evidence, and it’s serious. I hope so.” Prosecutors will look into it,” Aaron Mink told Joe.

recall that Amber Heard The lie has already been caught. The actress’s lawyer said she covered up the injury with Milani Concealer + Perfect All-in-One Palette throughout her relationship with Johnny. But the cosmetics company posted a refutation on social networks, saying that the product came on the market only in December 2017, when the stars were divorced.

In the final week of the trial, the court heard testimony from former TMZ editor Morgan Tremaine, who said the publication’s photographer knew in advance when Heard would be at the courthouse, where she went to file for divorce. The spring of 2016, and on which side he would have hurt. These readings also seem overly vague and work against Ember.

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