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WWE Raw results, grades: Seth Rollins has a wild feud with Cody Rhodes

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WWE Superstars Seth Freakin' Rollins and Cody Rhodes feud on Raw before Hell in a Cell

Seth freakin’ Rollins and Cody Rhodes clashed ahead of this weekend’s Hell in a Cell match (Picture: WWE)

WWE Superstar Seth Freakin’ Rollins took a shot at stirring up a wild brawl with Cody Rhodes in AEW on Raw.

Visionary and American Nightmare were under fire on Mike as they traded verbal replies at each other less than a week before meeting inside Hell in a Cell on Sunday, June 5.

Cody came into the ring to address this weekend’s match, mentioning his late, great father Dusty Rhodes and Seth’s influence on his career, and how poetic history was given to their WrestleMania 38 struggle.

Slaying ‘Pandering’ and Cody chants, before Rollins came out through the crowd, he promoted HIAC as his chance to ignore any semblance of self-control and destroy his opponent inside the cell. .

‘You left WWE six years ago because you weren’t good enough. And then, every single day that you left, you and your little friends tried to tear down what I was making here,’ Seth said in direct reference to AEW.

‘And when that didn’t go so well for you, you come running back, the prodigal son returns home to fulfill his family legacy. Not on my watch, friend!

‘You can’t be a victorious hero in my kingdom, oh no no no. You don’t need to take a hammer to the throne and then come back and try to take that throne from me.’

This sparked a brawl in the crowd and the ringside area, crashing through a barrier and splitting twice before finally being swept away by the crowd going wild.

Mustafa Ali won the United States Title match, Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura teamed up, and Becky Lynch dismissed Bianca Belair and Asuka

Becky Lynch started RAW with an entertaining promo, which included Asuka and Bianca Belair before things got muddy, marking our first match between the latter two.

It should come as no surprise that the Empress of Tomorrow and EST of WWE put on a stellar performance here, with the Raw Women’s Champ winning a non-title match before defending her title against Asuka and Lynch at Hell in a Cell.

The Big Time Becks attacked both of their rivals after the bell, leaving them in the ring and standing before this weekend’s huge match.

Becky Lynch is taller than Asuka (pictured) and Bianca Belair (Picture: WWE)

Ezekiel teamed up with Rey and Dominic Mysterio to win a fun clash against Kevin Owens and Alpha Academy, with Keo trampling the ringside area after the loss.

Elsewhere, Alexa Bliss made relatively quick work of dewdrop—who had Nikki Ash at ringside—to continue rebuilding her after months off-screen in a good match.

The Street Profits were downright entertaining on Miz TV, but we can’t find out where this is going as the 24/7 Division gets into the ring.

Tamina pinned Dana Brooke for the title but a kiss with Akira Tozawa pinned her to the gold.

Theory didn’t give Mustafa Ali much of a fight (Picture: WWE)

Next, Mustafa Ali faced Ciampa, knowing he would earn a United States title with a win, and they had a fun sprint before Theory came out to cause DQ.

It’s a shame we didn’t get to see more between Ali and Ciampa, but hopefully it’s coming down the line.

Theory decided to put his US Championship on the line right then and there (well, after a break), and he was able to dominate and win his challenger, but Adam Pearce booked a better rematch in Hell in a Cell. came out to

Jimmy Uso went disqualified against Riddle and Shinsuke Nakamura (Picture: WWE)

In a bizarre booking decision, Shinsuke Nakamura and Riddle defeated The Usos by disqualification in such back-to-back results to potentially earn a title shot.

After some great action, the end comes when Jimmy uses the original Bro’s scooter as a weapon.

In a preview of this weekend’s match between Judgment Day and AJ Styles, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan, Finn Balor and Liv Morgan face their former friend Rhea Ripley at ringside with Damien Priest and Styles.

It was a lot of fun with Morgan actually getting the win here, and Balor appeared to be helping AJ and Liv get rid of Priest and Rhea.

In a surprise move, the night ended with the signing of a contract for this Sunday’s handicap match, pitting Bobby Lashley against MVP and The Omos.

All Mighty and his former Hurt business associate both claimed they felt betrayed, and eventually things went down in a brawl and security was trying to keep them apart.

Cedric Alexander appeared out of nowhere and could not pass the numbers game before Lashley was sent through a table.

WWE Raw airs Monday nights at 1pm on BT Sport 1.

WWE Raw results and grades

  • Bianca Belair pinned Asuka (a-,
  • Ezekiel & Los Mysterios beat Kevin Owens & Alpha Academy (b,
  • Alexa Bliss pinned Dewdrop (C-,
  • Mustafa Ali beat Ciampa via DQ, Theory beat Ali for the United States Title (B for the whole section,
  • Shinsuke Nakamura & Riddle defeated The Usos via DQ (B+,
  • Liv Morgan pinned Rhea Ripley (b,

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