July 3, 2022

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These are the ten most common things people say immediately after sex

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‘I have to go’ is too harsh (Picture: Getty)

Have you ever heard a guy say ‘I have to go’ after sex?

What about asking a woman to ‘don’t go to sleep’?

If your answer is yes, then it seems that you are not alone.

According to a survey of 2,000 people conducted by IlllicitEncounters.com, these are some of the most common things people say to each other after sex.

Men’s most popular post-coital comment was a simple ‘Whoa!’ Is.

Second on the men’s list was the question ‘when can we do it again?’, and third was the brutal ‘I gotta go’.

Top ten things men say after straight sex

  1. very nice!
  2. When can we do it again?
  3. I have to go
  4. We wanted that!
  5. Have you had an orgasm?
  6. i love you
  7. where is my phone
  8. that was really good
  9. thanks for being amazing
  10. i’m falling in love with you

Meanwhile, the most common thing he said to women after sex was ‘You’re amazing’.

Second on their list was ‘Don’t Go to Sleep’, reflecting previous research from the same company that found it to be the eighth most common sex item Women want men to do more, do not sleep immediately after sex.

‘Hug Me’ was in third place and ‘I Love Being With You’ in fourth place. Perhaps a subtle answer to ‘I love you’ without changing it?

Top 10 things women say after straight sex

  1. you are awesome
  2. don’t sleep
  3. Hug Me
  4. i’m falling in love with you
  5. where is my phone
  6. i love you
  7. I have to go
  8. that was really good
  9. make me a cup of tea
  10. what’s on TV?

While the bottom line favors women, both male and female results indicate that casual sex knows no gender as ‘I’ve Got to Go’ featured on both lists.

Apparently the most common activity after sex for both sexes is checking their phones, with 67% of women and 62% of men saying they pick it up within 30 minutes of making love.

Interestingly, three-quarters of women (74%) prefer to talk directly after sex, compared to 52% of men.

Men seem to prefer talking during sex, with 68% saying they enjoy dirty talk while they work compared to 48% of women.

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationship expert at IlllicitEncounters.com, said: ‘What we say after sex says a lot about the status of the relationship.

‘Most couples in long-term relationships have little say because they are often going through motions and the sex is the same every time.

‘When you’re really into each other and sex is exciting, it’s more revealing than what is said in new relationships.

‘You can tell when a person is losing interest by their silent reaction at the end of sex.

It’s funny that no one uses that classic line: “Does the Earth move for you?” I think we have new ways to express how good sex is these days.’

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