July 4, 2022

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There’s a gritty and grim Resident Evil 4 remake to have cheese

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resident evil 4 remake screenshot

Resident Evil 4 Remake – Cheese Is Everything (Photo: Capcom)

A reader is waiting for the upcoming remake Resident Evil 4 but insists that the one thing it shouldn’t change is the cheesy tone.

A reader is looking forward to the recently announced remake of Resident Evil 4, but he urges that what shouldn’t change is the cheesy tone.

So we’re finally getting a full Resident Evil 4 remake. Regarded as one of the best games ever, I’ll be keeping a constant eye on what they will, and won’t, stay intact from the original.

Here are five things I’d like to either add or keep.

5. 4K and Fully Locked 60fps

I’m not too tech obsessed, which is why I never get overwhelmed with ray-tracing. Horizon Forbidden West looked stunning without it. However, a locked 60fps is a must as it ties in with the number 4.

4. Run and Shoot Gunplay

The original introduced the over the shoulder shooting mechanic and the stand and shoot method added more tension, I can’t see them maintaining it. I’d like to see the tension given by more advanced artificial intelligence, where zombies break through the main pack to counter your actions. The DualSense support would be great for warning you of an ambush from behind via a rumble or microphone scream. It would really benefit from having no slowdown.

3. Inventory System Changes

Only really a minor. Looking back, it was quite cumbersome, with constant overloading and constantly re-orienting your items. Maybe you only have a limited load that you can interchange on number 2.

2. Merchant

It probably should be with No. 1, but it’s what makes Cockney so memorable that it deserves its slot. Only Barry Burton equals his peculiar personality. Here’s a skeptical fellow, straight out of a Hollywood interpretation of a late 19th-century version of EastEnders that offers lines hanging around loading screens so you can never get them out of your mind .

From ‘Whadaya Purchase’? And ‘Wadaya… Celine’? ‘Aaah I’ll buy it at a higher price’, which makes you think he’s near a lost relic from Indiana Jones. It just needs to be voiced by the same actor and with the same number 1.

1. Melted Cheese Added to Splendid Cheese

I just don’t want a gritty, loud serious tone. The original was straight out of “So Bad It’s Good” movie logic school where “serious” dialogue was delivered with ham on the bone and the plot twists were straight – out of the ordinary but wonderful – of the holy book of clichés. Whether Capcom gets offended by Western audiences’ love of its evil, I don’t know.

Hopefully not, as I consider the original game to be something amazing like The Room, and while Resident Evil 4 isn’t quite up there, it’s still pretty cool and it’s all tied to a razor sharp gameplay loop.

I love Capcom so please heed my cheesy advice.

Roll next year.

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