July 4, 2022

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The Original Wordle Website Is Shutting Down Tomorrow So Save Your Streaks

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Refraining from playing Wordle via The New York Times? Tomorrow, you will have no choice (Picture: Getty Images)

As of June 9, The New York Times website will be the only place to play Wordle, with the original website shutting down.

It is the end of an era. whereas The New York Times has purchased the popular puzzle game Wordley to host on its website, yet you can access it via the original link set up by its creator, Josh Wardle.

This was a welcome choice as it meant players could maintain their winning streak for a longer period of time and avoid the invisible ad tracking software on The New York Times website.

However, four months later, and that original Wordle website will soon be no more. Starting tomorrow, it will be closed and The New York Times will become the only place to play it.

The New York Times Games Twitter account shared a warning about this last week and recently posted a reminder for anyone who may not be aware of the change.

However, it is not at all difficult to remember. Visiting the original website brings up a warning message that the link will expire on June 9, and a link to The New York Times website appears before the daily puzzle is loaded.

Link Expiration will take your Wordle stats with it, which is annoying for anyone who has played it consistently and maintains a strong winning streak.

The New York Times website doesn’t have an official means of transferring your stats, but there is a third party tool that may do the job. Also, The New York Times has promoted its use.

Created by a Seth Michael Larson, the transfer tool has been available since February (shortly after Wordley was sold to the New York Times) and requires you to manually input your statistics in order to transfer them.

you can find it here And it comes with all the instructions you need to get it working. Or you can just make up your stats and pretend you’re the best Wordle player in the world. No one can stop you.

It doesn’t work with any other Wordle clones, such as Quordle or Octordle, although those games likely aren’t going anywhere. Guess the New York Times doesn’t buy them either.

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