June 30, 2022

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The Doctor spoils: Shock for Emma and Jasmine as they face their attacker. Soap

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Emma in Doctors

Emma and Jasmine struggle to find answers (Picture: BBC)

Longtime Doctors fans probably won’t need to be reminded of the horrific attack Dr. Emma Reed (Dido Miles) and his then-girlfriend, Jasmine Djani (Lara Savalas) hunted down during a night out two years ago. .

Of course, Emma herself doesn’t need to be reminded of the incident: she’s still experiencing flashbacks, forcing her to re-live the dramatic events of that traumatic night.

Now, finally, a young man, Blake Atkins (Louis Stannett), has been arrested for the crime. Emma and Jasmine are both invited to meet and confront the man who attacked them as part of a restorative justice session organized by Ren McIntosh (Zita Sattar).

It proves to be a difficult day for all involved. Emma is frustrated as Blake seems unable to answer even the simplest of questions: Why did he attack her? Was it because they were gay?

Jasmine is deeply distressed by the meeting (Picture: BBC)

Eventually, Jasmine is completely overwhelmed and suffers a panic attack. He and Emma leave the session temporarily and talk outside.

At the time of the attack, Emma and Jasmine were an item, but sadly, the stress caused by their ordeal ended their relationship and they broke up very soon.

Is it still possible for Emma and Jasmine to get back together? Will they both be able to continue till the end of the session?

Will Blake be able to provide them with the answers they need? Will this experience enable them to leave it all behind and move on with their lives?

This is a powerful and dramatic episode…

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