June 30, 2022

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Teenage boys ‘pin and sexually assault 13-year-old girl’ in shopping center

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Mercury Mall in Romford (Picture: Wikimedia)

A mother has told how her 13-year-old daughter was framed by a group of boys who assaulted her because she did not give them her Snapchat details.

One of them pushed himself against her and touched her breast before pinning it to the ground, while the other pulled down her trousers and pants in front of her face and exposed herself, her mother alleged.

The mother who did not name the child to save the identity of the girl told my london: ‘They kept asking [for her Snapchat] And she kept refusing.

‘A man got a little nasty and pushed himself against her, touching her breast on top of her clothes.

‘ He pushed her back and sat on it and knocked her down. Then one of his friends pulled his trousers down and his pants in front of his face.’

A friend who was with her daughter during the incident in Romford, Essex on 7 May rushed to safety, and the police were called.

The girl did not tell her mother what happened outside the premiere cinema at Mercury Shopping Center for several weeks, fearing she would no longer be allowed out with her friends.

Her mother said that her daughter has changed the way she dresses since the incident and fears it has had harmful psychological effects.

The Metropolitan Police said: ‘We are investigating an allegation of sexual assault involving children at the Mercury Mall in Romford on the afternoon of 7 May.

‘There has been no arrest. The inquiry is on.

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