July 3, 2022

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Suitcase-stuffed Indiana boy dies of dehydration: Police

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An autopsy report found the unidentified boy died of dehydration

An autopsy report found the unidentified boy died of dehydration (Picture: Whats-TV / Indiana State Police)

The body of a boy found in a suitcase found in a woods in rural Indiana last month died of dehydration, police said.

Indiana police said Friday that an autopsy report found the young boy died of an electrolyte imbalance caused by viral gastroenteritis, or stomach flu.

Investigators believe the boy, who has not been identified, was about five years old when he died.

Police said the autopsy report concluded that the body showed ‘absence of significant traumatic injuries’, meaning there was no physical cause of his death. The boy’s blood toxicology was also negative.

“The detectives also said they had no evidence to lead them to believe that the child was alive when placed in the suitcase and that the child was clean and clean,” police said in a news release.

The suitcase containing the boy’s body was found by a mushroom picker in a heavily forested area. After making a gruesome discovery, the man immediately called 911 and reported the child’s body to the police.

According to police, he was found inside a hard-shell suitcase stuffed with ‘distinctive Las Vegas designs on the front and back’.

Police have not been able to identify the boy, who was said to be black, aged between five and eight years and was about 4 feet tall, thin and short. He reportedly died at some point within the week before being found on April 16.

Investigators are also not ruling out the possibility that the child may be from out of state or even out of country.

“Investigators continue to use a variety of investigative techniques and have worked with a number of outside agencies during this investigation,” police said.

‘Although several tips have been called to the nationwide tip line, detectives have not been able to identify the boy. Investigators are not ruling out the possibility that the child could be from outside the state or even from outside the country.

Police say hundreds of suggestions have been called, but none have positively identified the boy.

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