July 4, 2022

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Students can rent £15,000 per month inside luxury flats in London

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The exterior of a block of flats in London

Walking through this fancy building in Holborn, London, you might not have guessed that university students are living inside (Picture: Student Lux London / SWNS)

Ah, the students live. On those prime days of the cheapest alcohol you can get your paws on, the same Tesco Value pasta for lunch and dinner, and pretend orange squash mixed with vodka is a legitimate cocktail.

at least, he was Our Uni life experience.

It turns out that some people have more wonderful university time.

For example, some students do not live in small rooms in Grotti Hall, but in their own fancy flats.

And they pay £15,492 per month for the pleasure.

Yes, there are indeed student homes available for rent at such a high price. No points for guessing where they are.

This three bedroom flat is available to rent for £3,575 per week (Picture: Student Lux London / SWNS)
All bills and perks – including Nespresso pods – are included (Picture: Student Lux London / SWNS)

The photos give you a peek inside one of these plush three-bedroom pads located in Holborn, central London, so you can see what exactly £3,575 a week gets you.

Spoiler: The place is far nicer than your average student digs, and with luxury surroundings, the rent also includes all bills, weekly housekeeping, and essentials like bed linens and Nespresso coffee pods.

Oh, and you don’t have to buy your own pots and pans, as they are all provided.

Basically, it’s like staying in a hotel, with massive bathtubs and 4k HD TVs.

The agency prides itself on providing a far posher (and pricier) standard of living for students (Picture: Student Luxe London / SWNS)
Many of the properties on offer are part of London Hotels (Picture: Student Lux London / SWNS)

Student Lux London, the agency that markets the property, says it helps students with bigger budgets find more private and luxurious places to study.

Managing Director Josh Dannoff said: ‘Some of the highlights of our service include 24/7 concierge and maintenance, fully serviced and furnished apartments, weekly housekeeping with fresh linens and towels, and location within walking distance of London’s top universities Huh.’

The flat is next to the Lincoln Inn Fields, therefore providing easy access to the London School of Economics and Political Science and the London College of Fashion.

The agency offers some of the more affordable options in varying locations, FYI, with the cheapest we can spy on for a one-bed flat inside a hotel near Regent’s Park at £675 per week.

The website also notes that friends and family are fully welcome, so no judgment if you decide to be friends with someone who can afford such a place.

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