July 4, 2022

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Pride Beauty: Rainbow Makeup Tutorials & Best Products

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What better time than pride to wear fun, bright and colorful makeup?

We have two looks to inspire your pride look.

Firstly, Metro.co.uk has teamed up with Angel-AfricaAn influencer from the LGBTQ+ community, proudly working with Lottie London to create inspired makeup looks.

Below is our video and easy to follow step-by-step, whether you want to do it with a tee or use it as a starting point for your own look.

Here’s how to do it.

How to Create This Proudly Inspired Makeup Look

Angel-Africa takes you through her tutorial. If you don’t have these exact products, you can easily swap them out using what you have.

step 1: start with Lottie London Proudly Becomes Lottie Palette in a shade of red, and work that onto the brow bone (underneath the arch of your eyebrow), drawing it out and up for an elongated look. This will help blend in the blush later in the look.

Blend (Picture: Angel-Africa)

step 2: Take the orange neckline and work it down the middle of the brow bone, slightly overlapping the red color. This will help make it easier to mix the two colors.

step 3: Now take a yellow shade and apply it in the upper corner of the brow bone. You want to make sure it stays high enough because you will be putting another color under it.

Add Yellow (Picture: Angel-Africa)

step 4: Apply the shimmery gold color all over the lid. It works best with your finger patting on the lid.

Step 5: Using a small brush, work the shimmery green into the corner of the eye under the yellow shadow. It will make the whole look pop!

Step 6: Next make a sharp wing using the eyeliner. I used blue, but any color works.

Bold liner (Picture: Angel-Africa)

Step 7: Use your favorite mascara to bring the drama.

Step 8: To create an eye-catching look use your favorite blusher and apply it high up where the eye look ends. Apply blush while pulling upward on the cheekbone and over the temples and brow bone.

Step 9: Finally for something extra if you’re feeling up to it, use Lottie London is proud to have Lilac Heart Stamp Liner On one cheek following the shape of the blush. Now you are ready to kill!

Finishing Touches (Picture: Angel-Africa)

For our second look, we worked together unit To make something shiny and bold from MAC Cosmetics.

It’s also easy to do, mainly just using eyeliner in different tones and overlapping them to create a ‘fade in’ look.

mus emin

Slay (Picture: Mus Emin)

For his step-by-step, watch the video below with Vol.

Please enable JavaScript to view this video, and consider upgrading to a web browser that supports
Supports HTML5 video

Want to refresh your makeup wardrobe for Pride? These are our top color picks.

Lottie London is proud to be a palette

Colors of Pride (Picture: Lottie London)

Get it for £5.95.

Bold rainbow colors – what more could you need?

Pro tip: To turn these powders into liners, dampen a thin brush.

MAC Color Extra Eyeliner

Try Graphic Liner (Picture: MAC)

It’s £17.50. get in

There’s every eyeliner color you could ever want.

Violet FR Petal Bouch

Lippi to live you beyond pride (Picture: Violet FR)

Get it for £24.

For a lip color that’s vibrant and vibrant, look no further than this Casual Pink Liquid Lipstick.

siete london x smiley illuminating blush quad

Duochrome Pops (Picture: Ceat London)

Get it for £27.

Use these shimmers as blush or highlighters—there’s no better time than Pride for something so sparkly.

half magic face gem

Get creative (Picture: Half Magic)

Get it for £12.

Get playful with these stick on gems.

Sisley Phyto-Rouge Shine

full of moisture (Picture: Sisley)

Get it for £34.

it gives high shine And full character.

17 Extreme Extension Mascara

turning blue (Picture: 17)

Get it for £4.

You don’t get ‘extreme extension’ with this mascara, but you do get a fun pop of blue that won’t last.

Pai Skincare The Impossible Glow Drops

Shiny (Picture: Pie)

Get it for £29.

Tap on cheekbones for shine or layer under foundation for an all-over glow.

This article contains affiliate links. We may earn a small commission on purchases made through one of these links but this never supersedes the opinion of our experts. Products are tested and reviewed independently of business initiatives.

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Metro.co.uk celebrates 50 years of glory

This year marks 50 years of Pride, so Metro.co.uk goes above and beyond our ongoing LGBTQ+ support, through a wealth of content that not only celebrates all things celebratory, but also shares stories. It takes time to reflect on this Pride Month and raise awareness for the community.

MORE: Find all of Metro.co.uk’s Pride coverage right here

And we even have some great names to help us out. The list of famous guest editors who handled the site for a week includes Rob Rinder, nicola adams, Peter Tachel, Kimberly Hart-Simpson, John White, Anna Richardson And Dr. Ranjwe would also like Sir Ian McKellen and drag race stars Vivienne, Lawrence Chane And Tia Kofik Provide your insight.

Metro.co.uk will also be supported during Pride Month, which runs from 1 – 30 June Kyiv Pride, a Ukrainian charitable organization forced to work harder than ever to protect the rights of the LGBTQ+ community in a time of conflict. To learn more about their work, and what you can do to support them, click Here,

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