July 4, 2022

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Neighbors spoiler: Wedding joy as Hendrix faces life-saving surgery | Soap

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Hendrix and Mack in Neighbors

(Picture: Fremantle)

The big day arrives for Hendrix Grayson (Ben Turland) and Mackenzie Hargreaves (Georgie Stone), but with Hendrix’s health declining and her surgery just around the corner, will things at Neighbors go according to plan?

The couple is moving towards heaven and earth to complete their wedding plans on time. They want to have their wedding at the zoo, but they run into a snag when bookings are made the day before the ceremony. It seems like disaster has struck and it’s a sign that things shouldn’t move forward, but trying to keep a cool head they decide to resolve and just sort it out.

Although it is not easy, their The dads, Grant and Pierce, battle while they try to find themselves in a new place.

Nonetheless, the loving couple moves on with the wedding and finally the day is upon them. Everything comes together nicely; The fathers stop fighting (at least for the time being), the venue is sorted, and it’s a beautiful affair, with Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburn) definitely performing the ceremony. The job is done, the couple is married, and all is well with the world.

They have a great time during their first dance, and things get even better for Mackenzie when her father, Grant, steps in for their father-daughter dance. This is the moment she is dreaming of and it is everything she imagined.

Hendrix and Mack in Neighbors

(Picture: Fremantle)

But can both dads keep their drama to themselves?

After doing so, Hendrix and Mackenzie move on to married life. They celebrate with a ‘homie-moon’ set up by Chloe and Kiri before learning about their best wedding gift – Pierce hands them the keys to the all-expenses-paid apartment. They are ready to start their marital happiness in their own home.

But before they get too excited, Hendrix has small talk of surgery. The day comes and he panics but tries to hide it for Mack. It’s a time of crisis – will he move on?

Scenes airs on Channel 5 from Monday 6 June.

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