July 4, 2022

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Moms Become Bilingual by Allowing Kids to Watch Only Spanish TV

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Photo of Serita and her children

Girls only watch TV in English once a week (Picture: SWNS)

A mother is raising her children to be able to speak a second language by only allowing them to watch TV in Spanish.

Serita Kate Lachesis, who speaks only one language, wants her two daughters to speak both Spanish and English.

However, she is using television instead to pay for classes and it is definitely working.

Serita allows her daughters to watch TV in English only once a week. Otherwise, they watch programs dubbed with Spanish every other day.

‘Learning a second language from a young age is a gift. It’s a dream for my kids to be bilingual,’ Serita says.

‘It’s a challenge because I don’t speak Spanish very well myself, but I’m trying to learn too – although my kids are better than me!

Serita has always dreamed of her children speaking more than one language (Picture: Serita Lachesis / SWNS)

‘I just started playing Spanish music, but as they grew up, I thought, “What if I made everything Spanish?”

The busy mom is also trying to learn the language, but says she ‘gets up’ with conversation.

To help with vocabulary, Serita puts Post-It notes on walls around the house that the girls can see regularly.

The girls watch TV dubbed in Spanish (Picture: Serita Laquesis / SWNS)

His eldest daughter, seven, is not a fan, but the youngest, now five, is already fluent in the language.

And she also has a Spanish friend whom she only speaks in her own language.

‘I am not the first to use this technology, which helps my children learn languages ​​- immigrants have been doing this for a long time,’ she says.

‘But it has worked so well for me – my life’s dream come true with my daughter being bilingual.’

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