July 4, 2022

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KFC had to swap lettuce with cabbage in burgers due to shortage

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The price of iceberg lettuce has gone up in Australia

The price of iceberg lettuce has risen in Australia (Picture: AFP)

KFC is now adding cabbage to its burgers and wraps due to a chronic shortage of lettuce in Australia.

Colonel’s fans were told to expect a mixture of lettuce and cabbage in their favorite dishes as the flood destroyed lettuce crops.

Australia, like many countries around the world, is grappling with rising prices of everyday food items.

Photos of single salads on sale for 10 Australian dollars (£5.72) are now common on social media.

This is three times the normal price.

KFC Australia said: ‘We are currently facing a lettuce shortage due to the recent floods in New South Wales and Queensland.

‘Therefore, we are using a mixture of lettuce and cabbage on all products containing lettuce until further notice.’

KFC Australia issued a warning to customers on its website

He adds: ‘If that’s not your bag, just click “customize” on your chosen product and remove the lettuce from the recipe.’

This may sound overwhelming to chicken lovers, but it’s still far from the massive panic caused by the lack of the great KFC chicken of 2018.

Hard-up Brits had to move to one of those rare chicken shops on the high street after being forced to close over 600 branches.

something went very wrong Londoners called 999 to demand the police resolve the crisis.

Frustrated police officers at Tower Hamlets tweeted at the time: ‘Please don’t contact us about #KFCCrisis – it’s not a police case if your favorite eatery isn’t serving the menu you want.’

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