June 30, 2022

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Games Inbox: Is There A Prejudice Against PlayStation?

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Is PlayStation being mistreated? (Picture: Sony)

Tuesday’s letter page accuses Naughty Dog of being the saddest developer in gaming, as another reader Elden comes up against Ring.

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blood in the water
For the past few months I’ve been imagining Sony with one of those ‘last crash days’ signs in their boardroom, and I doubt it ever makes it into the double digits. It seems they are constantly facing problems that should never have happened and this business with Gran Turismo 7 is just the latest example.

They’re already trying to make it a lot harder to earn in-game money, which has made cars more expensive. In fact, he had to take a U-turn about it. So what did he think was about to happen when he suddenly raised prices under the guise of realism?

They’re definitely making mistakes and yet I still feel sorry for them, not only because PlayStation is my console of choice, but because I’ve felt the media and fans dogpile Sony in recent weeks. Have started what I think. Having a clear bias in favor of Xbox.

For example, a common complaint is their poor communication, which I admit has been a problem, but has the Xbox been any better? I can’t remember when was the last time they made an announcement and at least Sony has revealed VR this week. Xbox has even fewer games than Sony this year and yet it is Sony that is hurting the most for it.

I am not suggesting any kind of conspiracy here, I think it is a shame that social media encourages everyone to follow the crowd and Sony is the punching bag at the moment. I think it’s bad for everyone, as the second Sony announces something good, they will taste the month again. It is not healthy for people to go from hate to worship and back again so soon.

realistic reasoning
That’s why this talking point pops up to me whenever someone talks about Nintendo: the console isn’t powerful enough and the graphics aren’t good enough to compete with Sony and Microsoft. Hell, you just have to look at the fact that Portal 2 has only been released on one Nintendo platform when that game released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 all the way back in 2011.

Some might argue that Valve is pointing out how much more powerful the Switch is than The Steam Deck, but take a look at the titles of Nintendo releases and the stuff they do with the hardware. It seems they focus more on the enjoyment of the game and the value of replaying, ‘let’s make this look so realistic’. Even on the Wii U (which I owned, yes, I’m one of 10 people who owned it) Splatoon is a shooter, but the goal wasn’t to kill the most or capture a point, It was to paint the map Your team paints as many colors as possible.

Fun, fast-paced gaming and really, doesn’t gaming mean fun? Look at other shooters in the market like Call of Duty with its monotonous colors and realistic combat. I get it, people love realism, but it’s not the be all and end of all gaming. I’d rather play a fun, silly ‘childish’ game at 720p than a hyper-realistic gritty game at 4K.

Closed for lunch
Shops and street vendors in games haven’t evolved to keep pace with modern games, they are still using some basic frames and repeating themselves endlessly. For example, those who cook must use real recipes and skill, the food shows up in all its visceral, sticky, sticky, crispy, hot and steamy glory.

It would be nice edutainment worth watching between quests, but that’s not to say they have some exceptions and I’ve found the street vendors interesting in the original stage of Chun-Li with the chicken as the guy in the background.

However, I think the whole street vendor population could be improved because when done well they add more to a game than most of the plot, whereas none that are currently NPCs in This Village sim game is reading, that must be real! The manga could appreciate a little more depth to this aspect, which in my opinion gives a game its life and charm.

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sad dog
Interesting reader feature by Gannett over the weekend.

Naughty Dog has become a really serious factory and now that Neil Druckmann is the co-president of the studio, I can’t see that changing. Although the man is a talented writer and director, he must be one of the saddest people on the planet!

He wanted to kill Elena in Uncharted 2, which would have completely ruined the series for me, as Nate and Elena’s loving relationship is the heart of the game. Then with The Last of Us Parts 1 and 2 they gave us two of the most pathetic games ever!
last year model

physical recommendation
Gato Roboto is getting a physical release on the Nintendo Switch from Special Reserve Games on June 14th for anyone interested. I know someone mentioned they like it in the comments, I’ve added the digital version to my wish list after that recommendation in Underbox. You can’t order the game yet, but it’s listed on the homepage of
special reserve for pre-order.
Andrew J.
PS: On the topic of games like Limbo and Inside, I meant games where they had a narrative as well as stage and puzzles. I have added the games mentioned by Game Central to my wishlist on various consoles/PCs. I bought Far: Lone Cells on the recommendation of Panda aka Floyd and am enjoying what I have played so far. It’s currently on sale for about a Fiver on the PSN store.

lost forever
I’ve recently been enjoying Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition on the Nintendo Switch, having first played it on PC almost 20 years ago. Which reminds me of another Dungeons & Dragons game I played on PlayStation 4 a few years ago called Sword Coast Legends.

It was an ambitious PC game that allowed a dungeon master to direct the action. It was somewhat relegated to a more basic single-player party adventure on PlayStation 4, which was enjoyable nonetheless. Anyway, it was removed from PSN (and Steam) around 2018, no doubt the developer N-Space folding and Dungeons & Dragons licenses are expiring, and I don’t think it will ever be released. Haven’t got a physical release (certainly not on console). I think it’s lost forever (despite anyone who’s already downloaded it).

So maybe the game’s a hot topic that’s no longer available (and if we include online, the arcane, The Mystery Serial by Sarabakan, is one to add – though maybe there’s a mirrored server out there…? )
Steve, South Wales

GC: Did you see this story about the new collection from the Embraer Group?

easy snipe
Just wanted to take a moment and write about the joys of sniper elite games. There’s nothing more relaxing after a busy day than putting the kids to bed and sitting around for a relaxing hour of Nazi genocide.

I’m not even kidding, I find these games beyond comfort. Like a warm blanket and cup of tea on a cold day. I hope the developers never try to change the formula. It works, that’s all I want from it, and I will always feel like it. Looking forward to playing the role of Sniper Elite 60 in a stay-at-home nursing home.

perfect game
I also took a chance on the Elden Ring, I really wanted to play Horizon Forbidden West but the Elden hype sucked, so I took a flyer on that.

I was expecting big things as it loaded, which was unusual as I tried Demon’s Souls and it did absolutely nothing for me, but all those reviews can’t be wrong; The Elden Ring was open world and a veritable playground of things to do.

So I took my first tentative move and to be fair it was a bit better than spirits, I spent a few weeks struggling, managed to level up to 60 and then the rot set in. It was grinding like a boring task, I was afraid to put it up and do the same repetitive work. I persevered and stayed there, but after a week or two of having had enough, I was Alden-ed out. Couldn’t stand it. So I decided to go with my original plan, albeit a few weeks later, and try Horizon Forbidden West.

Wow, I was back in the real world (gaming world) and it was a pleasure, maybe it’s the hook with Elden Ring, it makes you appreciate good games more.

I completed Horizon and every minute was total joy, even the side missions were spectacular.

Anyway, I searched the market for my next adventure and finally found Dying Light 2. Well, imagine my surprise when this game turned out to be just as good if not better than Horizon. A bit like The Witcher with zombies, a must-play game. I’m almost halfway there and loving it, I don’t want it to end no matter how lucky I was to pick the right game.

So the one thing Elden Ring did was inspired me to appreciate other games more.

inbox bhi-rans
I wish every country would have banned loot boxes, what a wonderful world we were living in at that time. Like that Simpsons clip where everyone is dancing in a circle when they get rid of all the lawyers.

I honestly don’t think Polyphony is replacing Digital in Gran Turismo 7 with a sense of whimsy. I think they honestly don’t realize how their actions will sound to everyone else and there’s just a sort of fault in every brawl. Not that it makes it any better.

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The genre of a video game doesn’t matter as long as it can be described as science fiction in some way, but which is your favorite and why? How much do you enjoy science-fiction as a setting, and do you prefer it to lead more serious or more fantasy?

Are there any concepts or licenses that you think haven’t been done well before and how do you handle them? Which games best do things like spaceship combat and futuristic weapons and which concepts, like zero gravity and alien planets, do you think haven’t been exploited?

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