July 4, 2022

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Games Inbox: Is PS Plus Premium Worth It?

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return artwork

Returnal – Game of the Year (Picture: Sony)

Friday’s letter discusses Page’s death E3 and its limited options, as one reader celebrates beating Elden Ring’s Fire Giant.

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confirmation fan
Well, without really bothering too much about the new PlayStation Plus, I jumped straight into the mid-tier as soon as it was available. Turned out to be a bit of a win too, as the first game I downloaded as part of my new subscription was Returnl, which I liked the look of before it came out, but was overcome with difficulty when it came to reviews. was.

As soon as it’s ready I spent a few hours playing it and absolutely loved it, this is one game I really didn’t pick up and try if it wasn’t free! There are a few other games in the catalog that I was on the fence about as well, so suddenly I don’t worry so much about summer games.

The first party release not available on day one means it’s not quite as good as Game Pass, but there are a lot of great games in the catalog so I’ll keep my head over Parapet and say I’m a fan!

GC: We have always said that Returnal is the best game of 2021.

first day
Now that the PS Plus revamp is live in the UK, and we can look at the selection of games available, I’d be curious to hear what readers think of Sony’s offering.

If I didn’t already have a long backlog of games, I’d try at least a month or two of extra levels. I’d love to try games that, despite being critically acclaimed, haven’t convinced me to buy one. These, more often than not, are down to high difficulty or play styles I don’t have much experience with, so the likes of Celeste and Dead Cells come to mind.

If Sony manages to get AA and indie game releases on the service on the first day in a row, like Game Pass, I can see that being successful for them, even with first-party game releases on the first day. without even. Microsoft has done a great job of fleshing out its (at times, barren) first-party release schedule with quality new indie and AA game releases on Game Pass, like the most recent Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Revenge of the Shredders, and I think Sony needs to replicate this on PS Plus. Whether they do or not, only time will tell.

GC: The indie game Stray is going to be out on PlayStation Plus on day one, so they’re already thinking along those lines.


under control
I’ve been hearing a lot of criticism towards Sony lately, so want to share a positive experience. The right wand on my DualSense started flailing badly after 120+ hours of Alden Ring. This made an already difficult game nearly impossible. Having only one controller, I delayed returning it for as long as possible.

Eventually I gave up and sent my DualSense back to Sony. That was last Tuesday and on Thursday I got a new controller. I was hoping I wouldn’t be able to play for at least another week, so well done Sony.
coin slot-

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very enthusiastic
I saw an article earlier about Sony’s State of Play and Nintendo Direct updates, which had more YouTube views than any of their E3 shows. Reader comments were divided as to whether they were pro E3 or were glad it was gone.

I decided to watch some E3 videos of some of the games, and I must say I’ve never envied the more reserved journalists who had to sit next to people literally in an overt or endless yes-ing, woo-ing. And crying over oh-my. – Hysterically (executed by me and all rights reserved).

Almost acting as if the clouds parted and began to climb the escalator to heaven as we were going to play a game. This god of war is almost overzealous. Of all the positives GC experienced at E3, what were the worst negatives?

GC: But Sony and Nintendo don’t have any E3 equivalent shows this year? With no significant downside at E3, we can’t begin to imagine why anyone would want to skip it.

not-so-super, man
Yeah, that’s a big deal to me in terms of Sega’s hyenas game. I really don’t see how they expect anyone to be excited by that trailer or concept. And a multiplayer-only game that isn’t free-to-play? Yeah, I think Sega is getting a little behind the times there.

I’m only relieved that this isn’t one of the ‘super games’ they promised. No matter the sound cycle, I think anything to do with Sega goes through the same race of anticipation and then slowly disillusionment and realization. Rather than a mega budget Panzer Dragoon Saga sequel I bet there are more attempts to jump on the bandwagon of Super Games one way or another. The first will be either a battle royale or an Open World Assassin’s Creed-Alike. book it.

huge achievement
In the end after about 45 to 50 attempts Elden conquered the Fire Giant in the ring and I thought it was a surprisingly visceral boss fight. I was amazed by the sheer size of this fiddle, and her devastating reach always kept me on edge.

Giant Ginger’s second leg was a bit troubling because he’s overzealous to get his rolling pin on whenever you get too close to stab, but my +18 Rogers Rapier ashes of battle with Venom, And +6 Mimic Ash helped me endure the fierce battle of abandonment. Ol’ Belly Mouth did something really vicious!

Fast forward a bit and now I strongly suspect I’m in final territory—which is visibly arresting—and if I have to be honest, after nearly 100 hours of playing time, Elden Ring is just a matter of FromSoftware’s. Might be my favorite of all the games. I’ll need at least 50+ hours of rummaging by the time I finish the game and do everything else to find out the absolute truth, but yeah, this game is really, really special, man.
Galvanized Gamer

first free
Andrew J said that Hello TV was launching on Channel 5; sadly not. They are airing one episode as a tester, hopefully that will interest you enough to subscribe to Paramount+ to watch the full series.

Similar work was done by Xbox, where they offered free months’ subscription to Paramount+, but Halo was released weekly, so all you really needed to know about was your own. When did the free month start so you can watch it without subscription.

budget limits
Really enjoyed the interview with the Tenchu ​​creator and a few points about Japanese games in general. It never really occurred to me that all Japanese games are made on a relatively low budget but I think they are. I guess Final Fantasy games are expensive, and I’m guessing something like Elden Ring – but it also doesn’t have the highest end graphics, so I guess it falls short of things like Assassin’s Creed or Bethesda games.

I don’t know why this would be the case, especially with an established franchise, but I think once you get used to making a certain amount by spending a certain amount, you can’t shake the boat and change the balance. want. , To be honest it just makes me wish Microsoft would go ahead and buy a Japanese developer and start throwing money at them. I’m much more interested in what this will bring compared to the number of studios they have now.

Although I am not so sure that this will ever happen. It is very clear that Microsoft has no interest in Japan and never has been. And now Sony is the same, probably because they’re just trying to copy their rival. It’s a shame but good luck to Mr. Endo and his small budget games, I’ll be looking for Kamiwaza and whatever he does with great interest.

Inbox Bhi-Rains
In terms of reader JB, that’s fine, I’m glad my alerts about amiibo helped you, I’m always on the lookout for the ones I want to get.
Andrew J.
ps. Just pre-ordered A Plague Tale: Requiem on PlayStation 5 As I enjoyed the first game so much I wanted to support Developer Day this time around.

I still don’t understand why we don’t have the original soundtrack for Sonic 3. It’s not like they banned all of Michael Jackson’s regular music or anything. Seems a little more cautious to me.

This week’s hot topic
The topic of this weekend’s Inbox was suggested by reader Gonch, who asks, What’s the easiest video game you’ve ever played?

The debate over unusually difficult games will never end but what about the other end of the spectrum and games that are much easier than normal? Which game do you consider to be the easiest game of all time and is it generally considered easy game or are you unusually good at it?

Do you enjoy easy games and what, if any, problems did its difficult level cause? Did you enjoy the game and do you think it would have been better or worse if it were harder?

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