July 3, 2022

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Games Inbox: How likely is it that Sonic Frontiers will be a good game?

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sonic frontiers teaser trailer

Sonic Frontiers – Rails is starting to unfold (Photo: Sega)

Wednesday’s letter page that thinks Dragon’s Dogma 2 should be renamed, as a reader expects a new life is strange.

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same old cycle
I know Ghost of Sonic Chakra has already been planted but it’s scary how accurate it is. If the next thing the game reveals is some new friends (which would be really annoying) then Sonic Frontiers has hit every bullet point. Even without it, though it’s been a disaster first hand with the game. Sega has held all this coverage for a whole month and the first time any of this has been given some context, the man is pointing out all these flaws and problems.

I currently have zero faith in the game and the only reason I still want to focus on it is that a lot of issues, especially around bosses, can be caused by bugs. Although I don’t particularly believe that Sega will fix them in time if a 2022 release is targeted.

Even though those issues have been fixed, I still don’t get what’s going on in terms of atmosphere and style. Why is it looking so sad and empty? Since when is Sonic sad? Even when Adlord Shadow the Hedgehog is involved, it never happens. And why is the game world looking so realistic? Whats up?

We have dozens of open world games that look like this so why not try something more interesting and stylized that really fits the Sonic genre? As the previewer says, all the platforms look completely out of place, as if they came from a completely different game. I already wish they had. I don’t think it will be a good game.
tom meadows

strange frontiers
The Sonic Frontiers game is just plain bizarre. Developers don’t understand what a Sonic game is and they don’t even understand what was cool about Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You can explore every nook and cranny in Hyrule and for me it was much more about exploration and experimentation than a typical Zelda game saving the world.

Sonic has never been about exploration, it has always struck me as genre over substance with its gameplay. Yes, I was a big fan of Mario in 16-Bit Wars.
alec kazamo

three for one
Based on the PT demo and other leaked footage we saw of Silent Hills, I think Hideo Kojima could make an excellent survival horror game and I look forward to seeing whatever overdose is there. However, I find it hard to believe that this is an Xbox exclusive that is rumored.

As has been established, survival horrors don’t sell very well and they don’t technically push the boundaries. Afraid to jump into scary corridors isn’t something that requires state-of-the-art cloud computing.

I could be wrong but I think any game with whatever unusual and not just slightly better graphics will have an existing genre. Which means there are probably three games in development for Kojima at the moment! Death Stranding 2, Overdose and Xbox Games. Busy man.

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Preferred Hardware
I was reading some comments today at Underbox about retro mini-consoles, and I want to say that they are my favorite way to play old games on a modern TV.

Part of that is definitely nostalgia for the little piece of plastic but it’s great to play games using the original controllers.

I have Classic Mini NES, Classic Mini SNES and PC Engine Mini. I only bought the SNES because I’ve wanted one since I was 12 and it has a cute box. PC Engine Mini though is wonderful, I never played once a day but it always seemed quite engaging and had some cracking games. Damn I’m doing shit in shoot-em-ups these days.

I’ve played them all a lot and if I had to choose my favorite way to play old games it would definitely be the mini-console.
John Atkinson

GC: PC Engine Mini is also our favorite.

designation of dragon
How amazing would it be if Dragon’s Dogma is hinting at a new game announcement and it’s not a sequel but a new Power Stone, because he created both? I know it’s not happening, judging by the Dragon’s Dogma anniversary website and all one day… one day.

Although I am also a fan of Dragons Dogma and would welcome a sequel. I just wonder why this didn’t happen before. I also hope they change the name because, let’s face it, the original was crap. I still don’t understand what it means and I think it probably upset a lot of people.

I’m not sure what it should be called instead, depending on how the sequel really is, but literally anything would be an improvement. Looking forward to next week and watching the showcase!

unknown state
I’d love to say that I’m pretty confident Sony will have a second state with a ton of first party announcements, but I haven’t really. I don’t know what they are planning. The PS Plus Premium launched in the US on Monday and we still haven’t heard squat about it. Is it still progressing? I think so, but the fact that we haven’t heard a word about it is bizarre… unless another state is coming soon.

This is all very disappointing as I’d be interested to know what Sony has planned, as they have very little on the books at the moment. I’m still not convinced God of War: Ragnarok won’t be delayed and I want to learn one way or another. What else does Sony have? It can’t just be Marvel games, so what are all their other developers doing?

What about the sequel to Ghost of Tsushima? What about all the different games Naughty Dog should work on? What is Sony Bend doing now? What about the Astro Bot team? I could go on and on. Sony has never been shy about sharing a quick pre-rendered trailer to announce a game, so I don’t know why they’ll stop now, when it’s more important than ever that they prove they have A steady stream of games is coming.
small village

Nintendo Universe
I really hope that this Nintendo studio business isn’t going to become another Dark Universe situation where everyone is convinced it’s going to be a huge success before a movie is out. I still have my doubts about the Mario movie, based on the cast and other movies that Roshni has made and I don’t want Nintendo to bet the house on being successful.

They are always very smart when it comes to sports but I don’t know how they are when it comes to movies. Remember, it was the Final Fantasy movie that essentially bankrupted Square and forced them to merge. I hate the same thing happening to Nintendo.

prior experience
very nice. Just wow It was a really exciting prologue that he showed for Sonic Frontiers. The enthusiastic host went through the endless merchandise and then introduced her with a forced smile. A single steady shot from a contractually bound Knuckles, who only came in for a steady shot and refused to participate further until his agent was contacted. What happened after that was not much better.

Like most commenters I’m baffled as to what exactly they are aiming for. Looks more like a tech demo than a game. They may prove me wrong but 20 years of bad 3D Sonic games means I’m not expecting much.

The goods also seemed horribly sticky. I’m a sucker for some of the things Nintendo put out but it all seemed so cheap. Like the whole show to be honest. On a positive toy-based note I found a Nandroid model of this little boy who feels like he must be a member of the Nintendo family. No doubt it’s not cheap but certainly not difficult. Attention Sega.

astro bot nendoroid

Sony does what Segdon doesn’t (pic: Wonk)

Inbox Bhi-Rains
Just Cause 5 is such a strange game to announce. As others have said, I really can’t believe anyone cares about this. As far as Western games go, I’d much rather have Square Enix just announce a new Life is Strange. I’m not sure how much of a success they consider True Colors to be and I would like to see the commitment for more.

Alden got into the ring with the two Tree Sentinels just a little bit at once, instead of just one at the start. I love how it almost feels easier to take them apart than those opening hours. Fantastic game.

This week’s hot topic
Xbox and Bethesda Showcases are due late on Sunday, with Inbox asking you what you’re expecting to see announced later this week, both this June and at other E3-esque shows.

E3 may never return, but Microsoft, at least, is maintaining that same schedule with its big 90-minute preview event. So what games and other revelations are you looking forward to? What surprises do you predict, including new hardware and service announcements, and games to be released this year?

Sony, Nintendo and third-party publishers haven’t confirmed if they’re doing something similar this month, but if they do, what do you expect from it? And why do you think that’s probably not going to happen?

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