July 3, 2022

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Emmerdale spoiler: Chas devastated as he discovers the mystery of Faith’s cancer? , Soap

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Chas and Faith in Emmerdale

Chas Wants Answers, But Will Faith Reveal Everything? (Photo: ITV)

Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargator) is well aware that Faith (Sally Dexter) is hiding something in Emmerdale, and thus has made it her mission to find out what it is.

Woolpack’s former landlady became suspicious of her mother last week when she realized how much time she was spending in the company of Moira (Natalie J.

She jumps to the wrong conclusion, however, and is now convinced that Moira is having an affair with Nate Robinson (Jurelle Carter) – and Faith is covering up for her.

In the Monday (May 30) edition of the ITV soap, Faith claims that he and Moira were going to gamble.

In fact, she was on her way to the hospital for her first chemotherapy appointment, leaving her feeling unwell.

Chas, however, moves to the butler’s farm, where he finds a semi-naked Nate in the company of Moira, who is wearing a dressing gown. Moira reveals that she and Nate were covered in mud while working on the farm, so their condition was bad.

Despite the solid story, Chas was skeptical, and became convinced that Nate and Moira were taking advantage of the fact that Cain (Jeff Hordley) was out of town.

With Faith lying once again about where she was that day, Chas was convinced that Moira was having an affair, and thus resolved to expose her forever.

The next episode will see Moira taking care of Faith, who is feeling unwell after her first dose of chemotherapy.

Vishwas accidentally spills the cup of tea on Moira, which results in Moira removing it as she prepares to wash it. Chas, however, enters, and finds the farmer dressed, and jumps to the conclusion once more.

‘Don’t come innocent with me, Moira!’, she screams. ‘Nate was here yesterday, and you were both taking a bath, and I heard you on the phone saying that you have an empty house.’

Will Chas’s investigation reveal to him about Faith’s cancer diagnosis? Will Aastha have no choice but to tell the truth to her daughter?

Emmerdale continues Tuesday May 30 at 7PM on ITV.

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