July 4, 2022

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Elden Ring is the worst platform game ever – Reader’s Feature

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Elden Ring – Mario has nothing to worry about (Photo: Bandai Namco)

One reader praises the virtues of Elden Ring, except for its platforming — and hopes that FromSoftware can improve the jump in future games.

I’m not the first to say this, but Elden Ring is an amazing game. I can’t imagine it’s not crossing the board in terms of Game of the Year nominations and it’s clear that it’s… one of the best games of the generation (I guess? Does that mean anything? Whereas everything is cross-gen?). It’s a great game I’ve worked on for over 200 hours, but it’s not perfect like anything.

There are a lot of small issues, like repeated bosses and the not-so-great endgame, but to me the only thing that turns out to be a major problem is, at times, actively spoiling my enjoyment of the game. given, and that is staging. Which, if I may be blunt, sucks.

Now, you might be thinking, platforming doesn’t matter if you don’t know the game very well. After all, Elden Ring isn’t much of a racing game or football sim, but platforming is actually very important in the game in terms of exploring and discovering a lot of mysteries. You’re going to miss out on a ton of good loot if you don’t try and jump over every surface you think you can reach. So it’s a real problem that jumping is really terrible.

Now, no one here is expecting Super Mario, but it’s a good deed because Elden Ring’s Jump is just the opposite in terms of quality and entertainment. The biggest problem is that it all looks like it’s broken, even though it really isn’t. Part of this is due to the animation, which is extremely limited and is basically just a basic jump and that’s it. A running jump doesn’t look or feel any different and weight or force has little effect on any jump or movement you make.

There is no effort in parkour, even though a good percentage of the gameplay involves climbing all kinds of things. You can’t climb anything, even anything that’s less than chest height, and you certainly can’t climb around like you can, otherwise quite similar, Zelda: Breath of the Wild .

You can’t lean over either, you can just jump and hope that what looks like a surface will be something you’ll land on and not fall straight over – which will sometimes happen.

I was discussing this issue with a friend and he summed it up best: All the jumping in the Elden Ring feels like a mod. It looks like there was no jump originally, but then someone modified it and that’s why the animation is really limited and the reliability of the platforms seems so inconsistent.

Obviously not, but jumping into Dark Souls has always been that way and I really wish it got a proper overhaul. One of the other complaints about the Elden Ring is that there really isn’t that much new to it, which I don’t think really matters when he’s doing what he does so well. But with platforming, that was always bad and little effort has been made to improve it.

Imagine if your character is awkwardly moving from platform to platform with their back to the wall instead of when on a narrow ledge; Or make your way over stone walls with melee hooks; Or for grabbing a ledge to pull yourself up at the last second. Nothing like this happens in Elden Ring and instead the platforming game once in a while feels like you’re only controlling a lump of dumb pixels instead of an actual character.

It doesn’t ruin the game, of course it doesn’t, but making it better could ensure that the next one really is the best game ever.

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