July 3, 2022

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Doctor fined for eight minutes late after overnight shift

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Parking fees at hospitals were controversially reinstated earlier this year (Picture: Getty/Twitter)

A union has described the parking fee levied on health workers as “absolutely reprehensible”.

Malinga Ratawate, who works as a GP registrar for the NHS, expressed her anger over the two parking fines she received in posts on Twitter this week.

He had received the fee after leaving only a few minutes late after two separate 12-and-a-half hour night shifts for the NHS.

Mr Ratwate wrote: ‘Welcome after the annual holiday’ in the post just now. 2x £100 parking fine because I left 8 and 9 minutes late respectively after 2x 12.5 hour NHS UK night shifts, the hospital has staff overnight as unwell patients come through the door.’

He said it is ‘absolutely disgusting’ that NHS staff are being exploited and treated so poorly through violent car parking fees and fines.

Mr Ratwate said: ‘This kind of behavior is one of many reasons why NHS staff are feeling so disillusioned, with poor staffing, reduced resources and long-term pay declines.

‘Forcing employees to fill incomplete rota gaps is causing irritation, stress and mental health problems.’

Mr Ratwate received two parking fines after the night shift (Picture: Twitter)
He said this was one of the reasons involved why NHS staff are feeling ‘burned out’ (Picture: Twitter)

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, the parking fee in hospitals was waived off by the government.

But they have been gradually reinstated in health boards.

Dr Mike Kemp, co-chair of the British Medical Association’s (BMA) UK Junior Doctors Committee, told Metro.co.uk the decision was a ‘grave blow’.

He added: ‘It is absolutely reprehensible that NHS staff, who have given so much to protect us during this pandemic – and in the midst of a crisis of cost of living – should be punished with expensive parking fees because they are essential. Provides care for patients.

‘During the pandemic, free parking for staff working in NHS trusts was well received by doctors because of the lengths they go to to care for patients.

Unions have now called on the government to do more to protect health workers (Picture: PA)

He added: ‘Instead of forcing the NHS to recoup funds through hospital parking, the government should restore free parking for NHS staff in England, and provide fair working conditions for all health workers. To provide the necessary investment.’

Doctors’ Vote, a group that represents the rights of young medical workers, has joined the call for change after Mr. Ratwate’s fine.

They say a newly qualified doctor earns only £14 per hour – about 30% less than in 2008.

So it would take ‘a full day of work’ for that doctor to pay a fine.

A Doctor’s Vote spokesperson told Metro.co.uk: ‘It would be better financially not to come to the shift.

‘These are common incidents that cause doctors to leave the profession or move to countries where they will be treated better.

‘That’s why doctors are demanding a vote that the BMA ask the government for a full salary reinstatement this year, and if they refuse then a ballot for strike action’

ParkingEye, which issued the fine to Mr Ratwate, has contacted Metro.co.uk for comment.

The Department of Health and Social Care has also been contacted.

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