July 4, 2022

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About Us

OverTheLimitEntertainment.com is your number one Caribbean Social Network that provides entertainment, news, info and current events on what’s going on in the Caribbean. In our community there  is always something going on that will be of some interest to you, from looking up Caribbean recipes, Culture, history, talents from upcoming artiste and entertainers to many other fun and informative activities.

OverTheLimitentertainment.com is not only a platform for entertainment but also a platform that will inform the Caribbean people living in the Caribbean and those in the diaspora on what’s going on in the Caribbean and to the Caribbean people living in the diaspora.

Over The Limit Entertainment is the Caribbean people’s platform where they can log on and share their experience, info, news, voice their opinions and interact with others of same or similar culture. It’s more of an iReport for the Caribbean people.

Become a member, invite your friends and family, become a part of this culturally rich community…

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